Gold Merchant International

What we pay

Pricing your gold jewellery depends on several factors.

The spot price of gold

Before selling jewellery, you can check today’s gold price at any number of precious metals web sites. This is the price pure gold is trading at per ounce on the open market.

The Carat (Ct) of your gold

This is the purity of your gold jewellery. 24 Carat (Ct) is considered pure or 99.99% gold, 18ct is 75% and 9ct is 37.5% gold. In Australia, most jewellery are 9ct or 18ct. When you are selling gold, we test it to determine what Carat it is. To insure that our readings are accurate, we use state of the art testing equipment.

The weight of your gold

The industry standard is to use grams. There are 31.1grams in a troy ounce of gold. We use super accurate scales that are calibrated each day for near perfect accuracy.

  Why GMI ?

Improve your cash flow

You no longer have to send your scrap gold away to be refined and wait for the questionable results.We provide on the spot testing and instant cash. Lock in facility available to ensure best pricing.

Ongoing Commitment

Ongoing commitment to providing you the best customer service,the strength of our business and our devotion to the highest ethical standards has been groundwork of our success.

We come to you

Our representative will visit your business, test your gold, and quote a price. If happy, we give you instant cash.